"I'm Bored"

January 30th, 2010

My dad used to say, “Don’t tell me you’re bored, I’ll give you something to do.”

I knew to shut up about being bored.

I was going through the “feed” on Facebook a few minutes ago, and saw someone’s status, “I’m bored…nothing to do…same **** every day.” There was a comment under it that said, “That’s because we live in *unnamed city*” … Now, this city isn’t a place with a population of 4. It’s actually quite large.  Sure, it’s small compared to L.A., but it’s not bad in size. I commented, “Maybe you need a hobby.”

Bored is actually a synonym for: lazy; lack of interest. Now, before you jump all over me, let me explain. There is always something to do. It’s just a matter of whether or not you have the motivation or desire to find it.

I have heard, “I’m bored at work.” If you are bored at work, it means one of two things. You are either not being challenged enough, or you need to find a job you are interested in. Or, maybe both. So many people do their job simply because at the end of the week, they have money to survive until the next time they get paid. These people are never happy, because they don’t find joy in work –which takes up a large amount of our day. Sure, every job has its frustrating points, stressful points, but that does not constitute saying you are bored. Nor would someone who enjoys their job say that when they are stressed/frustrated. Bored just isn’t a synonym for stressed and frustrated, at all.

I have also heard, “It’s my day off, and I am so bored.” Again, this just means you are too lazy to find something to do. When I have a day off, I usually have a plan. Sometimes, even a list of things that need to get done before the end of the day. The people who are “bored” on their day off, need to find a hobby. Whether it be reading, writing, playing games online, blogging –this is keeping me from being bored, at the moment–… There is always something to do.

People who say they are bored, want to be bored. There is another point that I could bring into this, but I will save it for my next blog.

Are you bored? … Get up, get some energy (real – rest; or fake – caffeine), and find something that interests you.

Have an amazing day!

-Originally posted: 11-05-09

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