January 30th, 2010

How much is it REALLY worth? I am no doctor, but I would say it’s worth quite a bit to your health, both physically and mentally. I am a very outgoing, positive girl. I tend to look at the good in every situation, every person. (This isn’t always good, it makes me give too many second chances, sometimes.) But for the most part, it’s a good thing. When things go wrong, I laugh. When I am mad, yes, I laugh. When I am happy, I laugh. When someone says something even “kinda” funny, I laugh. There have been many potentially awkward, painful moments that I have just laughed my head off. I can think of a specific situation with my best friend, that could have been…well, weird. But instead of making a big deal out of something that wouldn’t matter the next day, we laughed. I was rolling around, literally, laughing.

I think this world takes life too seriously. You HAVE to get married by X age. You HAVE to have children by X age. You HAVE to look good because X person needs to be impressed. I heard on the radio once, “We spend all our money to buy uncomfortable clothes, do things we don’t want to do, do jobs we don’t want to do, and go places we don’t want to go, to impress people we don’t like.” Maybe this is why I am such a T-shirt and jeans girl. I would rather be in a tee, jeans and a hoodie than dressed up. My comfort > your opinion of me. I am not saying I don’t like to look good. But I do it more for myself and the way I feel than for you. If you can’t look inside me and see what’s there, you aren’t worth my time. There of plenty of people who have taken the time to get to know me. Why do you do things you dont want to do, buy clothes you don’t like to wear (example: those heels that kill your feet)…to impress people who are A- HARD to impress, and B- no one you really like anyway, except that they can get you that job, guy, girl, whatever… Whoa. I went off topic there… Let’s connect that… Do you laugh with these people? Really laugh? (Yes, Jae. Lame attempt at justifying your rant.)

Okay, back to my point. I think that if you don’t surround yourself with people who like you just as much in a tee and jeans as when you’re looking your best, you’re missing out. Laughing with people is amazing. I love my friends. They keep me laughing. Anyone who has hung out with me, even once, knows that I am a barrel of giggles. I personally think that if you don’t laugh so hard  your side hurts, your eyes are watering, and you have a hard time breathing, every day…you are seriously missing out, and are not getting the most out of life. Why not make the best of any situation you’re in? This goes back to my first paragraph, laughing when things don’t go right. Worrying, yelling, being frustrated…won’t make the situation any better. Laughter might make it less painful, less awkward, less stressful.

This blog is really a mess, I jumped around  quite a bit, but I guess my point is… simply laugh. Daily. Surround yourself with people you can laugh with… Rid yourself of the negative people in your life, they are only going to bring you down. Laugh about EVERYTHING. Most things that go wrong, will be forgotten in 10, 5, even 1 year. Laugh.

I say, “Laugh: Make the most out of life. It’s too short to worry about yesterday or tomorrow. You can’t go back to yesterday, and you aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.”


-Originally posted: 07-14-09

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