My View On: Celebrity Deaths

January 30th, 2010

There have been several celebrity deaths in recent time, and with each, the world has mourned. BUT… There are SEVERAL people who are “oh so sad” over these deaths, yet I have NEVER once heard them talk about how much they “loved” them… Why do they “love” them now? And why– okay, let’s use Michael Jackson on this one — When he was alive, in recent years we have not heard the media talk about him in a good light. Nor have you. Most have made jokes about him (most people did)… And the second he dies, suddenly he’s flashed all over the TV as  “one of the greatest”–C’mon! You didn’t love him, probably talked bad about him and the scandals… Now he’s great? I love how two-faced this world is. And how quickly they will all go along with whatever the rest of the world thinks and/or is doing. Okay, I’m not going to get off topic with that, because I could go on and on.

On this matter, I will NOT be two-faced. I didn’t like Michael Jackson as a person when he was alive, and that opinion won’t change. Honestly, I think he was quite creepy. Seriously, pictures of him creep me out. With the other celebrities, my life will go on just as it did before their deaths.

On all celebrity deaths: PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. When will the world realize this? Even many celebs want to be known as “just another person on earth”– they are! I laugh at how celebs are photographed, shown in magazines with a caption “So-and-so getting/drinking coffee while on a walk with his wife.” OH MY GOODNESS HE DRINKS COFFEE TOO?… What do you think celebs are made out of, super-human? Sadly, that’s how they’re seen. They do everything we do…They are just seen as special cuz everyone knows their name… (again, off topic.) Yes, death is unfortunate, but it’s a part of life… And no celebrity’s death is any more significant than any of the other daily 344556864745632695956463 (okay, exaggeration) deaths. In the end, they are dead. Bones and flesh, in the ground, just like every “insignificant” person.

And on that note– how these deaths affect us– they PROBABLY don’t. Did you listen to MJ’s songs repeatedly for days straight before his death? WHY are you doing it now? And I am only using him because of the recent celeb deaths, I know more about him than the others. I do not mourn the death of anyone I do not know personally. Again, death is unfortunate, but get used to it. I may be called cold-hearted, but at least I am honest. You didn’t care so much about these PEOPLE (yes, they are JUST people.) when they were alive… But it’s the cool thing to do, put dead celebs on a pedistal for a while… No celeb is worthy of the kind of worship you give these dead people. You may say “It isn’t worship”… But LOOK at yourselves. How many times have you said how “great” MJ, Farrah, (insert name of any other dead celeb) is today? Can you say that you have done the same with Jesus? Probably not. Sad. I’ve always been known for bucking the trend, and I am proud of it.

I am sure I am about to lose friends for this, as I did when I said most Americans are hypocrites for suddenly being proud to be American when Obama hit office, but they didn’t talk about how amazing it was to be an American until that day– Oops, did I offended you?… I have always been careful not to offend, because then someone might not like me… Then I got this best friend who showed me that being real is more important than keeping everyone happy. *shrugs* At least I am real.

-Originally posted: 6-28-09

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