April 6th, 2010

“What’s the point in praying about things? Yes, I understand asking for improvement of health for someone. But asking God to tell me what I should do about a situation? It’s not like He’s going to come down and tell me what to do.”

Those were my thoughts and words for so many years. All throughout my teenage years, and halfway through my twenties. This doesn’t mean I didn’t ask God to help me. I asked. But I always asked for a sign. Proof that I am making the right decision, doing or not doing, this or that. Continue reading »

Amazing Love

April 4th, 2010

Today is Easter Sunday. Most of our kids, if we have them, are finding candy and toys from the Easter Bunny, and we are preparing Easter dinners and finishing up last minute cleaning before family members begin to arrive.

It is a great day. Families gathering, children giggling, Easter egg hunts, afternoon naps, games and joy.

But wait. WHY? Continue reading »