April 6th, 2010

“What’s the point in praying about things? Yes, I understand asking for improvement of health for someone. But asking God to tell me what I should do about a situation? It’s not like He’s going to come down and tell me what to do.”

Those were my thoughts and words for so many years. All throughout my teenage years, and halfway through my twenties. This doesn’t mean I didn’t ask God to help me. I asked. But I always asked for a sign. Proof that I am making the right decision, doing or not doing, this or that.Then I would be actively looking for a sign of what God might be trying to tell me. Turns out, I would take things that happened as a sign from God. I would read into things too much, make a dicision and think that is what God wanted me to do.

That is about how I feel about horoscopes. You can read any horoscope, from any website, magazine, —I could write one for you— and you could relate it to your life in some way. They are so incredibly general. But you read into them, relate them to what is going on in your life, and you think you’ve got it figured out.

Do you see the connection? That’s the way asking God to give you signs is. There is a specific situation in my life that I did this. I asked God to show me what I needed to do. I had a few things happen, and counted them as God saying, “This is what you need to do.” I am not saying that God does not give physical signs of things. But He will do it when He wants to do it, not at our command. We are not in charge here.

Just a few weeks ago, this was brought up in a Bible study. “How does God answer prayers? How do we get our answers to what we should do?” The answer that was given was so simple, I don’t know why I didn’t come up with it on my own. The pastor leading the study smirked a little, (he knew how simple the answer was) and said, “The answer to any question you can come up with regarding your life is in the Bible.”

WHAT? I have been living for 26 years, asking God for help, asking for signs, and all I need to do to is open the Bible? ….Yes.

“For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.” -Psalm 48:14

Honestly. Just open it. Start reading. You will find that it is more helpful and more interesting than you think. Let it be your guide to life.

Have an amazing day. Take care of yourselves.

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