To Justin Bieber Fans:

May 26th, 2010

Justin Bieber: Teen star.

A lot of my followers on one of my Twitter accounts are Justin Bieber fans. What? Are you surprised that I have more than one account? — Have we met? Hi, I am Munkie, I am a Twitter queen. Anyway, I have seen these girls BEG him to notice them, BEG him to follow them. I have seen the same with other teen stars, but Justin Bieber stands out because everyone who has Twitter, has seen him in the trending topics.

At first I thought it was just teen girls being… well, teen girls. But then it became funny, I watched one girl say “@JustinBieber, I am sad and you are the only thing that can make it better. [1]” … Yes, there was a 1 at the end. The next post she posted said the same thing, but with [2] at the end. I literally sat and watched this girl get up to 97 posts, before I couldn’t sit and watch it any longer. “You need a hobby.”

…This is my hobby. No, seriously, I do things like this as research. Not for any company, not to keep any statistics. If you know me at all, you know that I am intrigued by the human mind, and what one will do in any given situation. One of my favorite hobbies is to sit and watch people. Watch them interact with one another, watch them play, watch them talk, listen to the words they choose. Sometimes I get irritated by the choice of words some use.

Anyway, back to Justin Bieber. I watched that girl post the same thing over and over 97 times, hoping he would reply. He didn’t. Yes, I watched his Twitter page, as well. Daily, I see these girls do things like this. And like I said, at first I thought it was teens being teens. Then I thought it was funny that she was posting things twice… three…. seven… eighteen… What the… twenty seven?! times… By the time she got to 97, my view on it changed drastically.  This isn’t teens being teens. This isn’t even funny. This is straight out attention-seeking obsession.

I have been “researching” this for a few days. Yes, really. Many of these girls add “Bieber” to their first names as their “full name.” Most of them have some form of JB, Justin, ILOVEJB, Mrs_Bieber_4eva —again, yes, really.– One Twitter page I saw had written in the Bio line, “@justinbieber followed me at (insert: time and date)” … Yes, girly, you and the other 64,000+ girls he follows.

Now, I understand being a fan of someone’s music. I even understand there being a fan page to share news, music details and concerts… Pictures of you with the star… that type of thing. But this Twitter thing is out of control.

To those girls: Has it slipped your mind that he is human, just like you? That he is a kid, just like you? I think that now I will copy/paste what I wrote in my blog on Michael Jackson’s death.

PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. When will the world realize this? Even many celebs want to be known as “just another person on earth”– they are! I laugh at how celebs are photographed, shown in magazines with a caption “So-and-so getting/drinking coffee while on a walk with his wife.” OH MY GOODNESS HE DRINKS COFFEE TOO?… What do you think celebs are made of, super-human? Sadly, that’s how they’re seen. They do everything we do…They are just seen as special cuz everyone knows their name… (again, off topic.) Yes, death is unfortunate, but it’s a part of life… And no celebrity’s death is any more significant than any of the other daily 344556864745632695956463 (okay, exaggeration) deaths. In the end, they are dead. Bones and flesh, in the ground, just like every “insignificant” person.

Now, I know that Justin is not dead, and I don’t find him creepy or anything. That is not what I am saying. I am just saying that in the end, he is JUST a person. Everyone just happens to know his name and he happens to be slightly more attractive in the eyes of teenage girls than the average kid in their math class.

First of all, Justin is a busy guy. I don’t know him personally, but I have come in contact with and been close to enough slightly “known” people, to know that he doesn’t have time to sit around and read and respond to your tweets. He may read it. He may not. Why beg for someone’s attention? Follow someone who has time to carry on a conversation.

Again, I am not saying that Justin is a bad guy. He’s probably really nice. I AM, however, saying that he is no different than any other guy in this world, and his response to you isn’t REALLY that significant. (Aside from you posting on your Twitter that he responded to you, and hundreds of girls being jealous.) But really. How far is that response going to get you in life? Don’t you have better things to focus on?

To Justin: (No, I don’t really expect him to read it. Just saying.)  I really hope you are able to live the life of a normal person. I really do. I would hate to be the person who is unable to go outside without pictures being taken, people asking questions, wanting your attention constantly. I have absolutely nothing against you, and I wish the best for you.

Now, let’s get back to this research I have been doing. I “searched” “Justin Bieber” on Twitter. These are some of the results:

  • RT if you see ur future with Justin Bieber . 5 minutes ago via web
  • I love Justin bieber!! so much!!!!! less than 20 seconds ago via web
  • RT if the first thing u do to open the internet browser is twitter or any justin bieber fanpage lol
  • well i only call brent a.k.a my bff and justin bieber buddiecakes so deal with it lmao half a minute ago via web
  • I think there should be mini Justin Bieber dolls in McDonalds Happy Meals & u push a button & it’ll sing or say lines like only you shawty(;
  • “Love” Justin? Do you girls know what love is? I know there are different levels of love, but really.

    Your future and Justin Bieber in the same sentence? I know a girl has to have dreams, but… There are SO many amazing guys in this world. Find one.

    There were so many results for this. These are just a few of the G rated ones that came up. (Yes, there are quizes about sex with JB, etc.) — That’s just wrong. But anyway.

    I feel this way about any celebrity. The end.

    Now, what would a MunkieBabble blog be without a tie to Jesus… SO. I tied this to Jesus. After searching Justin Bieber, I searched “Jesus Christ.”

    Of the 20 results that popped up, TWELVE of them were cursing… and typically had a 4-letter “F-word” between the two words. TWELVE. of TWENTY. And ya know, the “___ new tweets since you began searching” … It didn’t come up with 1/4 the amount that “Justin Bieber” did in the 3 minutes I sat and watched it. — Now really. Who is your god? No celebrity is worthy of the kind of worship you give them. You may say “it isn’t worship.” LOOK AT YOURSELVES. How many times have you said “I love (insert celebrity)” … or “You need to be a fan of (insert celebrity)” … Now, compare it to how much you promote, praise or talk to people about Jesus. Again, I ask… Who is your god?

    Can you imagine what this world would be like if people put as much energy into our Savior as people do with promoting and praising celebrities? Jesus is the one who will matter in the end, not another human. In the end, every celebrity will be standing there, being judged along with the rest of us.

    I know some of my readers are not Christians. Even so, you look ridiculous. And again, I have nothing against being a fan. But obsession is sad.

    I hope that if nothing else, this made you think.


    2 Responses to “To Justin Bieber Fans:”

    1. Meg on June 7, 2010 11:42 am

      so…haha…speaking of being “obsessed”.. (even tho i wouldn’t say i was ever “obsessed”) i was a HUGE fan of 98 degrees…when i was in about 7th grade i wrote their fan club mulitple times!! AND i got letters back…not from them..from their grandma who took care of their mail and had permission to write back to any letters she felt were important..i got 3 letters back from her. SO..point is, justin bieber (and any celebrity for that matter) probably doesn’t even take care of his own twitter account, and therefore, probly sees a small fraction of what ppl post on there…i agree. LAME! =)

    2. Mister Ale on July 13, 2011 10:41 am

      Jogging can wait 🙂
      I completely agree with ur idea. Seems like the world is concetrated only in what this guy does or says. I dislike him because he is still young and he doesn’t even have a real talent. He sing normally like everyone can do but his youth is what has brought to him..FAME!
      I don’t know if this is going to have an end, I hope yes. There are artists out there like Charice or Sam Tsui who are way better than him singing but they still are undiscovered. They really deserve the be popilar because they have talent, trust what I’m saying.
      I’m really done with all this Bieber-obsession!

      (I’m @MrAle1 on Twitter)

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