June 30th, 2010

Why do you use the name “Munkie?” I have been getting this question a lot lately. Many of my Twitter followers have asked. I could tell you that it’s just me being creative and having an obsession with the animal. “THEY’RE SO CUTE!” … They fling poo. Anyway, I figured I would offer a deeper answer. Because there really is one.

I will start by telling you that I was born with ears that stuck out. When I say my ears stuck out, I don’t mean a little. My ears could easily pick up radio stations from China, and by the time I was 8, Mars was calling, asking about advertising their stuff through me. When I was born, I looked like a monkey. My aunt called me Monkey, as did many other family members. My other childhood nickname was Peanut, but that’s because, standing a whole 5’3″… I am fun sized. I take pride in my lack of height. But let’s not get carried away with how tall I am not.

So people called me Monkey. Kids in elementary school are cruel. I had every name in the book. My favorite? Dumbo. As if I could pick myself up and fly away. That would be awesome. I remember specific sentences that were said by my classmates. But having these amazing ears taught me a lot at a very young age. Being picked on so young about the way I looked taught me to appreciate people for what was in their hearts. If you haven’t noticed yet, that has carried into my 20s. I am still looking for the good inside people. I am human, so outward appearance still matters. But look respectable, have a good heart and you’ve won me over.

I got off topic again. Imagine that.

One day my parents came to me and asked if I would like to have my ears pulled back. At first I wasn’t sure… “God made me like this, I don’t know if I want to change that.” Yes, as a 9 year old child, I was worried about hurting God’s feelings. I don’t remember how my dad answered that statement, but I was talked into going to the surgeon’s office. They told us that it couldn’t be done until I was 10. Apparently that’s when ears stop growing. Who knew?

When I was 10, it was scheduled for me to have the surgery done in November. We made the long drive to the hospital where it was being done… Before I went into surgery they put marker all over my face –mostly around my ears– and the surgeon, who was from India, came in. He was explaining the surgery to me. He explained the way they would knock me out, etc. However. I was 10 years old and had never spoken to anyone from India before. I didn’t understand a single word he said.

They walked me into the room where the surgery would happen. It wasn’t very big. It was very white. I had my baby blanket. (Yes, I still have my baby blanket… You do too, don’t lie.) They stuck a needle in my arm and told me to count backwards from 10. I remember saying 7. That is all.

I woke up with a hat made of bandages on my head. It was a trend-setter, let me tell ya. I stayed home from school for the next week or so. One of the days my dad told me I had to take my medicine. I was nauseous. I knew it was going to come back up. He bet me $20 that it wouldn’t. I won. No, I did not force it up.

I remember my first day back to school. My parents had gotten me one of those winter headbands we wore in the 90s — they covered my ears. However, I didn’t wear it. I figured everyone knew why I was out of school, so headband or not, they’d be staring. That was the day I was no longer called names. It’s like I was Rudolph or something.

I didn’t hear the nickname “Monkey” for YEARS…from anyone. Then one day my aunt brought up my old nickname. I had completely forgotten about it. A week or two later I needed a username for a social networking site, and that conversation came to mind. I liked it. However, I am a creative person. So I changed the spelling, and here I am. “Munkie.”

That’s pretty much the entire story behind it. Any questions? Haha, have a fantastic day, friends!


6 Responses to ““Munkie””

  1. @hotfortacos on June 30, 2010 7:00 pm

    absolutely loved it! i have stick out ears too, can i be a part of #teammunkie? 😀

  2. Joshen on July 1, 2010 11:45 am

    That was such a worth while read, my question is, had you not had the surgery done, what do you feel would be different about the “you” of today other than the ears?

  3. Meghan on July 1, 2010 11:47 am

    I used to work with a down syndrom girl and she couldn’t say Meghan so I was “monkey” to her..my best friend still calls me Monkey..

  4. HIM357 on July 1, 2010 12:13 pm

    Monkeys have always been one of my favourite animals. I may have had an obsession back in years 5 and 6 in primary school. ^_^; I was known as “Monkey-boy” for a short time.

    Appearance really shouldn;t matter all to people you associate with. You already know this, but anybody who doesn’t appreciate you for who you are rather than your physical appearance (which Im sure is lovely ^_^), isn’t worth your time.

    Also, i should mention that I’ve always been short also, as is the rest of my family. I really am a hobbit, 5’5″ (finally growing a bit more the last couple of years. 😛 ), hairy and have large feet. What you should remember, is that height is inversely proportional to awesomeness. 😉

    I know I mentioned some of this on Twitter, but these comments won’t be lost in your timeline that is surely insanely fast.

    Ciao. 🙂

  5. Mousey on July 1, 2010 2:08 pm

    I learned something about you today Jae. ♥

  6. Domain on July 3, 2010 7:16 pm

    you learn something new everyday around here ;P

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