Stars… Pretty Stars…

August 22nd, 2010

This message has nothing to do with stars. When does anything I write have anything to do with the title? I named it for a saying that makes my brother laugh. That is what I am writing about. I promised I would tell you reasons I love my brothers and sisters. Because I don’t want to hear “WHY WAS HE WRITTEN ABOUT BEFORE MEEEEE?!” or “IT’S NOT FAIR!” …. I am doing this in order of age. My little brother. My little brother who is nearly a foot taller than me. Oh the things I could say about my little brother.

My little brother and I weren’t always close. In fact, we were quite the opposite for quite some time. We fought. A lot. We are only 2 years apart in age, and would pick and pick and pick at one another just to get a reaction. We didn’t just use words and annoyances. There were times when we would physically fight. Punches were thrown. Car rides? Oh dear. (I know that my brothers and sisters are giggling right now.) I once said, during a car ride, “MOM! HE’S LOOKING AT ME!” … and “MOM! HE’S BREATHING ON ME!” …. Why is breathe spelled with an E and breathing spelled without an E? …. The English language makes no sense. Oh right. Lil’ brother.

I remember the day my brother and I called a truce. I was going to hang out at the library with my friends. Doing homework. JUST kidding. I was too social for that. (I regret that now, but that is neither here nor there. Wait. Where exactly is ‘here’ and ‘there’…? *shrug*) Back to my story. I was going to the library to hang out in front of it. We loitered. My mom asked me to take my little brother. Who, at that time, had far passed my height. If you don’t know me at all, I don’t rank in the top ten best to recruit for a basketball game. Yes, I was always picked last in gym class. Anyway, I reluctantly took my brother with me.

I was friends with a wide age range of kids. The guys were skaters, the girls were… is it safe to call us the “fans,” or should we just admit that we had no interest in the skating they did, and had more interest in being around the “cute guys.” — There was a guy in this group of friends who was in my brother’s class. I believe that was the beginning of my brother’s skate-hood.

My brother, in a single evening, became “not so bad.” We were 15 and 13 at the time, and started hanging out with the same people. We had something to talk about. He began wearing band tshirts, making safety pin bracelets…. oh and that beanie. Anyone who was around for my sophomore-senior years of high school remembers that beanie… He wore it. All the time. Everywhere. I hardly ever saw him without it.

Though he seemed to increase his social life, his grades never showed it. My little brother is a genius. Seriously. Never play that kid in Clue. You WILL lose. Someone asked me what his IQ is. I have no idea. He was sooooo close to being valedictorian. They had to sit down, I think it was the day before graduation… to figure out who was valedictorian. He went on to college. He became very very involved on campus and was absolutely everywhere. Like in high school, he made it look like a breeze. He kept up a social life and kept his grades up.

He met his girlfriend in college. They’ve been together for 5 years now, and he couldn’t have picked a better girl to date. Not that it’s my decision to pick someone for my brother. I am just saying that I love his girlfriend like a “lil sister.” — She, too, is taller than me. I have accepted that most of the world is.

He is now in grad school, and I couldn’t be more proud of all that he has accomplished. My little brother has more strength than I could dream of having. He’s a great brother, and even more, an amazing friend. He has been there for me in so many tough times. I cannot tell you how much he has done for me. All through high school we had the same friends, and the inside jokes are incredible.

I remember the night Mitch put a hole in the ceiling and we fixed it with the massage therapy sign… Which now that I think about it, was a pretty sketchy sign. Cardboard. On the side of the road. Haha! Playing what was named “F-ball” at nights with our friends on the trampoline… Movie night every Friday night… Anywhere up to 30 kids in our basement… Parades in the streets…. He was the horse. There are pictures! I could go on forever, but I’ve written a lot tonight.

Thank you, little brother, for everything you have done for me. Thank you for being a friend for the last 12-ish years. For sticking up for me when I needed it, and telling me exactly how it is. Thank you for sharing your brilliance, and most of all for sharing your Criminology notes with me. I couldn’t have passed that class without you. Haha! I am proud of you and everything you have done, and wish nothing but the best of everything in all of your life. You mean the world to me — “I love you bigger!”

I hope you guys each have a brother like I do… The best and closest friend possible. If you don’t, I hope you have someone in your life to support you when you hurt and give you a metaphorical “punch in the face” when you need it.

Life is too short to be negative. Smile.


4 Responses to “Stars… Pretty Stars…”

  1. Cassidy on August 23, 2010 7:19 am

    sweet! ^^
    it made me tear up a bit. Reading sweet stories about brothers and sisters makes my heart warm and happy. ^^
    I do have brothers (2 older and 2 younger) but they aren’t geniuses but I’m happy to have them. ^^

  2. Meg on August 30, 2010 8:14 pm

    i have a pretty amazing little brother myself =)

  3. ScoDal on March 24, 2015 5:22 pm

    You’re so good at writing. How is this the first entry I’ve discovered? Well consider me a new fan of your writing. I’ll be reading more.

  4. Munkie on March 24, 2015 6:23 pm

    Thanks, Scott. 🙂 I appreciate the encouragement!

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