Featured Writer: “A Matter of Perspective”

September 9th, 2010

Is your glass half full or half empty? That’s a question that most people, if answering honestly, would probably say half empty. I mean, let’s be honest for a second and take a look at the media, our families, our choice of words and actions. We can say that we see it half full, but do we REALLY act as if it’s half full? Fact of the matter is we all have a glass, sometimes the water does run low and sometimes it overflows, but for the majority of the time it’s at right about half. So ask yourself, is it halfway full? Or halfway empty?

We wake up every day with 2 options: are we going to be happy today or upset? Typically we allow situations around us to dictate whether or not our day is going to be filled with greatness or misery. Let’s take a second and really understand what I mean.

I am a rapper and I’m from Massachusetts. My state is not typically known for its hip hop contribution. I have been rapping for over 7 years and have been doing music since I was 5 years old. Would you agree that’s a lot of time invested into one thing? All of my life in Massachusetts and I have never gotten any recognition for my music. Pretty empty glass huh? Well last winter I had the opportunity to go and perform at Atlanta’s A3C Festival. This is one of the biggest underground hip hop festivals in the country! GREAT RIGHT!? I went out there and had a blast. I came back with my manager (who is originally from Atlanta) and we seriously discussed moving back to Atlanta. The vibe was awesome, the love was insane and the overall aura was pure music. I was getting shown love from a city that was known for music. Glass is filling back up now huh?

So I broke the lease on my apartment, got the transfer papers for my 9 to 5 (to sustain living) and moved in with my parents for 1 month, until I could get my transfer completed. My manager headed down before me to establish our presence. The count-down begins right? Well a week after he leaves, I haven’t heard from him. Weird. 2 weeks turn to 3 weeks turns to a month. No response, no emails, no text, no bbm, no tweets, nothing! Ok. So now my life and my career are on pause permanently. I have no idea what to do. I had 2 options. I could have gotten mad, quit music, cussed him out with some vulgar text, emails and messages or just keep plugging away the way I did before I met him. I could have lost focus. I mean let’s be honest, 3 months go by and the most I got from him was a “Sup man, been busy.” Glass is back to empty…

But I didn’t give up. I refused to quit, even though everything I had, all of my ties, had been invested in this move. I decided to look it at like this is going to make me a better individual and I just have to work harder now. (so cliché right?) I stayed here in MASS, and just hit the networking scene harder than ever. I mean emails, ads, everything I could do with no budget, no manager and no real plan besides move forward. Now for the record, my hip hop music isn’t gang banging, misogyny and drugs and money type of music. So it’s been a feat in itself just getting people to listen let alone promote it. That’s when I met New England’s #1 promoter/advocate for hip hop from a chance encounter from surfing the net. He liked my music so much that now, not only am I an active member of the NEW ENGLAND music scene, but I am one of the bigger artists on my shore of Massachusetts. I am even getting radio play on the #1 radio station in Boston! My glass is really full now! Good thing my plans to move fell through!

Basically what I am saying is this; I got caught in a really crummy situation and it would have been so easy to throw my hands up and quit. Blaming God, my former manager, and everyone else who had a hand in the foiling of my plan. But at the end of the day, it’s on me. We can’t always choose what happens, but we can always choose our reactions. Change your perspective and you’ll start to see a world of half full glasses. Take every opportunity you have to learn and become better, when it’s all said and done you can look back on the situation and see how your reaction directly affects the chain of events that follow. The glass IS half full, remember that. And at the very least, if you can’t see that, at least be thankful there’s water in your glass to begin with.

Peace and Respect,

3 Responses to “Featured Writer: “A Matter of Perspective””

  1. dlandry9 on September 9, 2010 11:22 am

    I’m a “Glass Half Empty” type of person for one main reason; improvement. I never think anything I do is excellent because I always think there are a few spots open for critique. Just when I finish something and think its set, I let someone check my work and they find some places that could use some tweaking.

    Being “Half Full” in my mind can, at times, be arrogant. There are times where it seems encouraging, but the more critical you are of yourself and the work that people are capable of doing, the better directions we are headed.

    Just my thoughts, but this story is encouraging to not get down, deal with what is given, and go on the best way you can. Great story.

  2. Munkie on September 9, 2010 1:07 pm

    I agree, Drew, that there are times that people can be arrogant, and look at it as “half full” … But The last sentence of your comment is what the blog was really about… Taking what is given to you, and learning from it, as I would say it, “just keep swimming.” 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  3. Dominic on September 9, 2010 10:08 pm

    I am neither. I will take that glass and enjoy the rest of my drink. It’s there… it’s for me… It’s time to enjoy it vs wasting away debating on it’s state….
    But be warned… when it comes to my cola… I want a liter of cola!

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