Why is the Munkie on Twitter?

October 2nd, 2010

Everyone who knows me, knows I have Twitter accounts. Yes, multiple. For several different “kinds” of posts. Some have dubbed me, “The Twitter Queen.” Pretty much everything I think goes on Twitter. That’s the point of it, right? Well, with opening my @MunkieBabble account to the public, I have invited nearly 10,000 random people to read all about what I call, “My Life.” I will explain in more detail why I use Twitter. You’ll be surprised.

How? The how seems quite self-explanatory to anyone who uses Twitter on a daily basis. But this is for people who don’t use it, and don’t understand how it works:

You can update your status, like on Facebook, in 140 characters or less. You “follow” people on Twitter. Their “tweets” end up in what’s called your “timeline.” To reply to them, you add a “@” in front of their Twitter name, followed by your message. If they reply to someone else, that tweet only shows up in your timeline if you are following the person they are replying to. It’s really not difficult to understand…

It also has been made as simple as updating from your phone. If you have a smart phone, you can download apps to look at Twitter. If you don’t, you can update via text message. I suggest you give it a try. It’s helpful and fun.

WHY? I cannot tell you how many people have said to me, “Why are you on Twitter?” “Isn’t it just like Facebook statuses, but limited?” “I just don’t get it.” “I think Twitter is stupid.”

Most of these questions all come from the same people. People who do not use Twitter, do not understand the purpose and how useful it can be. I have Twitter because it is a way to reach out to the world. Yes, the whole world. I “follow” people from every corner of the world. In return, I have learned bits of Indonesian, (Thank you, @Chocoporter and @Yesissey); I learn almost instantly when a celebrity dies, (Most will say they heard that Michael Jackson died faster on Twitter than they could get it onto the TV); if I have a question about anything, I can ask Twitter. There is always someone awake, and always someone who has an answer or a source.

Yes, I have found medical AND parenting advice as a result of a question on Twitter. Oh, and let’s not forget the tech geeks. They’ve fixed my computer (@clayoster); started and maintained my website (@tmentele); helped with advertising the site (@HIM357); etc etc etc. Thanks for everything.

That is why.

My tweets on @MunkieBabble are always positive in nature. Why? I am trying to change the perspective of peoples’ thoughts. There are too many negative people in this world, and too many focus on the bad. That is because we are spoiled and selfish as humans in today’s society. If you want to read more on that, read my blog entitled, “My Life Sucks!”

Yes, I am trying to change the world, one tweet at a time. No, my tweeting doesn’t feed the hungry or clothe the poor, but I’ve been told that it DOES make a difference, and that’s what matters. Being negative does nothing but hurt yourself and those around you. Being positive helps you and those around you.

My question is, why do we think that to change the world, we must clothe and feed the poor? Right here in the United States we have people suffering from depression. The suicide rate is unbelievable. How is the mental health less important than physical health? If we save the people, but they are not in a good mental state, what is the point in saving them? Positive attitudes do make a difference. So yes, I can change the world one tweet at a time.

If you want to go feed the hungry, I support you 100%. I am not against it, and I do contribute to those causes as much as I can. (Ask @wschlotter about that, if you must.) I enjoy making people think more positively, and I have seen the results of a positive attitude.

Now, let’s get to my most favorite part of this. The people I have met (in real life):























































Quite a list. Some of them I met because of Twitter. Some I did not. Some I have met only once, and some are my best friends. All of those above know where they stand with me. I care about each of them in their own ways, and each has made me smile. FACT. Some of the best friends I have right now came from Twitter. Yes, you can call me a geek. I’d say 90% of the people listed above were my Twitter friends before my IRL (in real life) friends. I could go through and figure out an exact statistic on that, but I have better things to do with my Saturday afternoon. But…

See? Twitter isn’t so stupid after all.


2 Responses to “Why is the Munkie on Twitter?”

  1. JG on October 2, 2010 12:59 pm

    Glad to know you IRL! (@jonathangarcia)

  2. John Lacey on October 10, 2010 7:34 pm

    WOAH! Firstly how did I not know this website existed Jae?! LOL

    I love Twitter. I really don’t think I could exist without it.


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