Munkie Versus “New” Twitter

October 10th, 2010

The other night I opened Twitter and found that I had been “invited” to use what has been “tagged” as #newtwitter. For those who haven’t used Twitter, adding a # (hashtag)  in front of any word makes it “linkable.” Clicking on any word tagged with a # in front of it will bring you to the latest mentions of it. Some examples of popular “tags” are: #fail #bethankful #happy #justinbieber (You guys knew I’d throw that in there) — On with what I am really writing about. In short, I was invited to use the new version of Twitter, and while I think it is over-all a great idea….

I don’t like it. Now, I am all for changing the look of Twitter. Something new is always exciting. I actually like the new look, for the most part… Changing the things that can be done with it, however …. in reality makes things difficult. Here are some things I am either doing wrong, or have found changed for the less than better:

The Over-all Look

  • I actually like the over-all look of the New Twitter. I like that there are tabs at the top for my Timeline, Replies, Retweets and Lists.
  • BUT… What is the purpose of putting the “recently listed” part? I honestly don’t care who lists or doesn’t list me, let alone which lists they do or do not put my name on.
  • And my favorites? Can’t that be another tab? There’s room for it, and it belongs over on that side. Like someone said, the right column is too “fat” … I think the “Favorites” and “Listed In” are two things that can go.

Direct Messaging

  • The new Twitter doesn’t show you how many DMs you have in your Inbox. I like that they are “threaded” … But I have missed DMs the last couple of days because I didn’t know they were there. I don’t want to be clicking on the “inbox” button only to find I have nothing new.
  • Deleting DMs has become more difficult. Sure, not a big deal for those who only send and receive DMs from a few people. But with 10,000+ followers and all the auto-DMs that are received… Clicking on each profile to delete ONE auto-DM is a bit irritating.


  • HITTING REPLY: Okay, so I LIKE that I can reply to everyone mentioned in the tweet. However, it’s annoying that it is automatically that way. What if I only want to reply to the person from whom I received the tweet? Can’t there be a “reply to all” button? Again, there is enough room for it.
  • To some, it may not be a big deal, but I very much dislike the fact that you cannot reply to more than one person unless they are all in the same tweet. With 10,000 followers, when I say “Good morning!” and seven people say, “Good morning! How are you?” I’d like to be able to tag them all in the same tweet with an answer as to how my morning is going.
  • The BOX that pops up. I like it. However, along with not being able to reply to more than one person, I now have to click the cursor to the end of the @ name, or hit the end key. Otherwise, the words I type will be before the person’s name, and I doubt that with as much as I tweet, everyone wants to read everything I have to say to everyone. ‘Nuff said.
  • WHAT happened to the “in reply to @…” People using Twitter, know what I mean. I do like that you can still see it by clicking on the person’s reply, but that’s not self-explanitory.


  • I like that this is tabbed. BUT…. The retweets used to show everyone who had retweeted it right UNDER the tweet. (Isn’t that a mouthful?) Again, Twitterists know what I am talking about. Now I have to click on it to see who retweeted it. Meh.


  • It used to take a simple click of the HOME button to see if anyone new was following me. Now I have no idea how to check that out. I had tried that, my numbers didn’t move. I went to (Where I go to follow the people who have followed me) … and I had new “fans” — That’s what THEY call them, not what I want to call them. I do not have “fans” …. I have minions. Okay but in all seriousness, this needs to change.
  • Following people has become more difficult. And as much as it is nice to have the follow and unfollow button in the same place, sometimes Twitter lags. Which means that I may click the follow button more than once — because I am an impatient human, and end up following and unfollowing in the same instant. FIX IT.


  • I do like that there are suggestions for us, but after following them, shouldn’t they disappear? Instead, the “follow” is replaced by “unfollow.” — Why on earth would I take the time to drag my cursor over to hit follow if I wasn’t sure I wanted to follow them? Oh, in case I accidentally follow someone? Oh dear. Not going there.


  • I very much like the look of the new profiles. It’s cleaner and more inviting. The bigger picture is better, and I like the bigger Bio font. It looks nice.

Over-all, the new look is great. But I give the “updates” a score of #fail. I think that it’s more difficult to use, which may scare away new “Twits.” I know that everyone and their mother (well, except mine) has Twitter. But there are people (like my mother), who may want to start someday. This one may need to come with an instruction manual. What do you guys think?


2 Responses to “Munkie Versus “New” Twitter”

  1. Haelie on October 13, 2010 2:32 pm

    Much agreed. Though I’m not near as experienced of a Tweeter than you, I do find many of your points to be true and annoying. (the #fails, that is, not you) And, is it just me, or did that little pop-up go away that used to pop-up when you hovered over a twitter handle in a tweet? (talk about a mouthful!) Made it really easy to follow that person if you wanted to. Doesn’t seem to come up for me anymore. Or maybe I’m being impatient with it…

  2. Marshall Jones Jr. on October 25, 2010 9:00 pm

    Agreed. I like some of the features (in fact, I like the lists because I reply to everyone who lists me). But, in my opinion, the biggest problem is how complex it’s getting. Twitter had an edge on Facebook because of how easy it was to learn. It’s always been harder to “get” though. Now it’s losing on both counts.

    Might be good for the power user, but what about the new-comers? I can’t tell my mom as easily. :>)

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

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