For a “Brother”

November 15th, 2010

This is going to be a blog post of a different kind. I usually don’t do posts like this, but because it’s a good friend of mine, I am willing to do this. First, let me introduce you to my friend, Shaggy.

Obviously, Shaggy isn’t his given name, but no one I know calls him by his given name. Anyway, I met Shaggy about 4 years ago, on a site called Stickam. Stickam is a website where someone can host a chatroom, and 6 other people can have their webcams on as well. Shaggy is a radio DJ and started doing an online show in addition to his on-air show. That’s where he found Stickam, and found a use for it. From that came a close-knit group of people. I was one of those people.

Shaggy and I became friends and he was much like an older brother to me. He was the one I called at 1 a.m. when I needed advice on this, that or the other thing. You get the point, Shaggy is a dear friend of mine, a close friend, so close I’d call him family. Hence, the older brother reference.

A couple weeks ago, he sent out a tweet that said something about his sister’s house burning down. He asked if anyone was interested in helping out, and of course being a “little sister” of his, I said, “How can I help?” He sent me this email:

Me and my sis, grew up in this house in Bessemer City, NC… it was in our family for generations and despite all the crazy stuff that happens when you grow up in the middle of nowhere, it was home. I decided not to live there when I moved to Maui, and my sister and her four daughters took it over. November 1st of this year, an electrical fire broke out and completely gutted the house, taking with it everything those girls had as well as most of my and my sister’s things. In essence, they lost everything.

There’s insurance for the house, and it’ll take months to rebuild. Right now, they are staying in a trailer about 4 miles from their house. Its cramped, and none of them have basic stuff…. you’re a woman, imagine being left with nothing as a teen or a 9 yr old. No clothes, no nothing…

I’m trying to raise funds to help pay for their temp home as well as trying to get the girls clothes and my sister well… everything she needs to be supermom again. I’ll be doing a comedy benefit here, as well as doing some little fund raisers. I hope its enough..

I am heartbroken for these girls. Honestly, think about what it would be like to lose everything you have, every comfort you know, every piece of your home, and have to try to survive on whatever you possibly can. As a mother, I can empathize… If you are a parent, you can, too. How hard it must be for this woman to try to be “supermom,” as Shaggy called her, when you have to fight to just survive day to day. If you can read this, I know you aren’t living this way. You don’t have to honestly wonder where your next meal is coming from, you don’t have to try to find clothing to cover yourself.

If you live on Maui, PLEASE go to the benefit tomorrow night. I know I have readers on Maui… I would really appreciate your support in helping my friend’s family regain some normalcy in their lives. I linked the comedy show in Shaggy’s email to me above. It’s a Facebook event with all of the details. I urge my Maui friends to go.

If you aren’t on Maui, you can donate to this paypal account address — If you live in NC, I am sure Shaggy would be happy to direct you on getting donations of any kind to the girls. Please help in any way that you can.

Like I said before, I usually don’t do posts like this, there are so many hurting families. But we can’t help all of them, and quite frankly, this family is the only one I know… and for a good friend, I will.

Be thankful for all you have.


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