Dear Grandma…

January 26th, 2011

I am always willing to help someone out. My friend, Dave, messaged me about his grandma. In short, his grandma fell and broke a bone in her leg. She is in a rehab facility until she gets better, because she can’t put any weight on her leg. This is where I am asking for a favor. (Yes. Really.) Continue reading »

Bad People

January 24th, 2011

I get a whole lot of tweets from people asking me to promote them. One day a few months ago, I got one from a girl who said she had less than 10 followers, and asked if I could help her out. Being the kind Munkie I am, and the fact that I don’t think anyone should have under 100 followers unless they want it that way, I decided to promote her. I sent out a tweet asking people to follow her. A few minutes later, I got a direct message from a good friend… Continue reading »

Walnuts and Fire Insurance

January 16th, 2011

Every year about this time when I was little, my dad had a bowl full of mixed nuts. It was always the same wooden bowl, with holes in the middle for the nutcracker. Every winter, I would search the floor for that bowl. The floor? Yes. It’s like he was hiding them or something.They were usually on the floor next to “his chair,” or inside the old table my parents have had between their chairs for as long as I can remember. Continue reading »

Overnight Prayers

January 7th, 2011

A lot of you know that my son has been sick the last few days with no symtoms but a fluctuating  fever. The highest was 103.8, which scared me. Any parent understands that feeling. Because Twitter limits me to 140 characters, I thought I would write a quick blog to update you —

Continue reading »


January 4th, 2011

To celebrate my 10,000th tweet, I decided to give away a hoodie to a follower on Twitter.

The contest is closed. CONGRATULATIONS to @mayfieldfan4eve!

To enter the contest, entrants must have been following my Twitter account (@MunkieBabble) at the time of the drawing, and sent out the tweet exactly as it appears on this page. Sending the tweet out more than once did not increase chances of winning.


The Magic Day

January 1st, 2011

It’s 2011. Everyone is talking about their New Year’s resolutions. I’ve heard at least 15 different things people want to do to better themselves, start a good habit, or end an old. Some want to stop smoking. Some are going to lose weight. Some say they are going to stop worrying about things they cannot change. Some want to go to church more. I smile, watching people make their New Year’s resolutions… Continue reading »