February 13th, 2011

“Hi there!”

A few of my readers asked about “SQUIRREL!” … Wondering why they see it in the middle of my posts. First, let me tell you about my complete and utter lack of attention. I have never been diagnosed with ADD, but that could be because I was a young child before 75% of the children in the United States were being diagnosed with it.  I have my own feelings about ADD, and maybe someday I will tell about them, but I am not here to discu….. SQUIRREL!

See?! Those of you who already know about “SQUIRREL!,” already understand why I stopped in the middle of a word.

Let’s get back to my… lack? … of ADD. I’ve never been diagnosed, but most of my friends will tell you that I have a very short attention span. I also have a horrible short term memory, and that may be connected. I am working on it. I can’t keep my attention on one thing at a time for anything. I try very hard, and sometimes I have to shut down everything, hide my phone… do everything in my power to keep myself from being distracted. It’s awful, and I do feel bad about it — Sorry, friends. — I am working on it.

When I write, I am the same way. Often when I am writing, I have several windows open. Right now, in fact, I have Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, my GMAIL, for GTALK, and this window. I am also signed in on AIM and Skype. The TV is also on. Usually the TV is off, bu… SQUIRREL!

Okay, so I get distracted when I write. Sometimes I start writing, explaining more of something than I need to, and I end up far away from the point I was trying to make. I used to say, “I am distracted again, back to my point.” That takes a long time to type for a girl with a short attention span.

One day I watched the movie UP!… If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you need to — stop reading right now, go get the movie and watch it. WAIT! Don’t do that yet, you still don’t know why I say “SQUIRREL!” — Watch it after I explain.

In “UP!,” a dog named Doug is introduced. Actually, I don’t know if it is spelled “Doug” or “Dug” — It would make sense that it be spelled without an O, because of dogs love for diggi — SQUIRREL!

Okay so in the movie, Doug is in the middle of talking about something when he gets distracted and says, “SQUIRREL!” It’s so cute. Here is a YouTube clip from the movie entitled, “Meet Dug.”

My attention span was compared to that of Dug, and I decided that exclaming “SQUIRREL!” takes a lot less time than “I got distracted, back to my point.” — And it is more fun. Even writing it out to explain the reasoning takes too much time. Yes, I know, /eyeroll. But, I am going to stick with “SQUIRREL!”

It is no longer a wonder why you see “SQUIRREL!” all over my posts. Now go watch UP!


One Response to “SQUIRREL!”

  1. Nick on February 14, 2011 11:38 am

    Just saw Up this past weekend! Great movie!

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