Same Story … Different Person

May 27th, 2011

I often wonder what life was like thousands of years ago … Ya know, Jesus times. I wonder if people thought the same, did the same things (generally) that we do today … I wonder if couples did things, like go on dates — obviously not to a 5-star restaurant, but spent quality time together. I know things were different then, but I often wonder. Did they fight about the same things? … I doubt they fought over phone bills and such, but again, in general. I often wonder. What was it like back then?

Change tracks here. You complain about this, that or the other thing, in your life. Bear with me, I have a point and will tie this all together. I promise. Do I ever let you down? Okay, there was that one ti… SQUIRREL!

Okay, so you complain about things in your life. This isn’t going right. That is stressing me out. Why would God give me such a burden?

STOP! -Collaborate, and listen!– … Oh dear Lord, I am showing my age.

So. You live your life, and you have complaints about the bad things happening. We all do. Like I said in a previous post, your problems are no bigger than mine, they are just labeled with a different color. Now, think about how many people there are in this world. I honestly don’t know, and I don’t feel like opening another tab to google it. But, let’s round it off to a gazillion. There are a gazillion people in the world. I’m not a stats genius – though ask any of my great friends, stats – of any kind – amaze and entertain me. It goes with the obsession I have with the human mind and behavior. Oh dear, I’ve probably lost you on my point here. Let’s try this again.

There are a gazillion people in the world. I’m not a stats genius, but I am guessing it’s pretty likely that there’s someone out there dealing with pretty similar, if not the same, situation, issue or problem you are facing. So, you can have the comfort that you are definitely not alone in your hectic situation.

Also, the people who are living right now are not the only people to have ever lived. Let’s take the gazillion alive right now and multiply that over a couple thousand years. That jumps the number up to at least 7 gazillion. Don’t roll your eyes at me, I am trying to make a point.

So, 7 gazillion people have walked this earth. 7 gazillion people, all living human lives, all filled with their own issues. Either that’s a LOT of kinds of issues, or God doubled up on the challenges He gave us. I am guessing the latter, because even God took a day to rest, and that would be a lot of inventing.

About an hour ago, I was listening to a favorite song of mine. Stellar Kart – Pray.

I tweeted my favorite line from that song:

God is not a stranger to the things you might say …. Pray.

No matter what you’re going through, You are not the first to pray, and simply put – He’s heard it before. Ask Him to help you out, as He’s likely helped someone with the exact same problem. He may not give you what you want, but He will always give you what you need. Remember that. You may not always like the answer right away… because humans are spoiled brats and we want it nooooow. But in time, you will understand why God does things the way He does. If I didn’t understand that, I wouldn’t have my sanity right now. I know, the presence of my sanity is debatable. Shush.



One Response to “Same Story … Different Person”

  1. Truth Speaks on May 29, 2011 2:28 pm

    Hey there Munkie Babble! Long time no speak. I am glad to see that you are still doing this! Wonderful wonderful entry today!!! It’s still refreshing as ever to see that you are still taking the time to give kind words of beautiful insight. Thank you and GOD BLESS

    your old friend
    Truth Speaks

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