August 23rd, 2011

Facebook! Evvvvveryone and their mother (literally,) has Facebook. Some choose not to “friend” their parents or relatives… most of the time because they don’t want them to see what they post. My parents are on my Facebook friends list, because I don’t mind if they read what I have to say on Facebook. I try to be as positive on Facebook as I am on this site. My grandma could read my Facebook posts, and I wouldn’t be embarrassed by them.

My opinion on “not friending” parents is this: I understand not wanting parents “too involved” in your life. But if it is only because you would be embarrassed if they did read it, you should probably reconsider what you are posting. I’m not saying “shame on you!” or saying you are a bad person — Just something to think about.

I didn’t come here to lecture you on what you post on Facebook. I came here for something exciting that I somehow have overlooked sharing on Munkie Babble. Most of my readers already know this, but if you are a frequent reader and don’t already know, then I guess this post is for you! There is a Munkie Babble Facebook page. It’s a place for everything, really. I don’t just post on it when there’s a new post up… I post random thoughts and quotes… Always something positive. I try to post at least once, but no more than 2 or 3 times a day.

It’s a place for you to give me feedback on this site in general, ask questions and get answers. I am going to start uploading pictures of the fun stuff I see in my day-to-day life, and get away from just “twit-pic-ing” stuff. I think Munkie Babble on Facebook is a better way to keep all of that in one place. I try to start every day by posting something on Munkie Babble on Facebook that will start my -and your- day off right.

If you actually like Munkie Babble, why don’t you head over to Facebook and “like” it there, too. Just go to the Search bar at the top of your Facebook page and type in Munkie Babble… Click, and it will magically appear on your screen.

Or, for the lazy bunch who read my stuff, click this link:

Munkie Babble on Facebook

Feel free to share the page with your Facebook friends… My entire mission is to make this world a more positive place… and what better way to do that than to show my positive attitude in the best way I know how — social networking!

Have an excellent day, everyone!


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