Stop Compromising.

September 22nd, 2011

Watch out, here comes a huge Munkie foot — I am a little sour right now. Tonight I looked at my Facebook wall. A friend of mine posted this link:

Couple Fined For Holding Bible Study In Home

It got me thinking. Anyone that knows me, knows this bothers me. More than bothers me. I have seen first hand, not just on websites, the punishment for being a Christian. You and I both have seen the ridicule teens in the United States endure for being a “Jesus Freak.” We’ve all been in high school. Maybe you were that kid. I was, sometimes. Now, I don’t mind. But it sure did hurt then.

It appears that what happens in our homes is now our city’s business. The city stated that parking was the problem, and they need to obtain the proper permit to hold a Bible study. Let’s look at this. A permit is literally nothing but a piece of paper stating permission. How is this piece of paper going to create more parking on their street? If paper in California can create more space, I need to have some of that in my office. Back to my point.

The many ways Christianity is being “snuffed out” in the United States:

I grew up saying the Pledge of Allegiance every single morning. WITH “One nation, UNDER GOD, included in it. I’ve heard that many schools just don’t say the pledge anymore, for fear of offending someone.

Kids are suspended in public schools for praying silently to themselves in the hallway… because it might offend someone.

High school world religion classes — they can study every religion… except Christianity… they might offend someone.

The one that probably bothers me the most: Christmas. Saying Merry Christmas! to someone is offensive.

You won’t find anything about Christianity in textbooks… we might offend someone.

You get the point. I am sick and tired of everyone in this country making sure everyone else is comfortable, all the while compromising the beliefs they grew up on.  Little by little, Christianity is truly being taken out of this country. The guidance a child receives in school, in a lot of cases, is the only kind of guidance they get. Parents aren’t around to guide their children nearly as much as they used to be. The young generation is likely going to be a mix of atheists and agnostics. If they do choose a religion, it won’t be Christianity, because it was hidden from them while they learned the beliefs of every other religion. Pretty sad, but the point-blank truth.

I love this song – Christmas With a Capital C – In it, Go Fish and Brad Stine make every point I’ve made in this post.

I get that not everyone is a Christian. A sad, but true statement. But the whole “Freedom of Religion” thing, at this point, may as well be called “Cutting Christianity.” And the Christians? We hide out of fear of ridicule and punishment. Isn’t it about time we “man up” and defend what we believe? I’m sick of compromising, aren’t you?

A little forward, and I know I am going to lose a couple friends over this, but at least I am standing for what I believe, and I know that’s the right thing to do.


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