I’ll Be There For You

November 10th, 2011

I once heard a story about a girl who felt invisible to the world, and cleaned out her locker one day with plans to go home and commit suicide. While walking home, she tripped and dropped a lot of the stuff she was carrying. Someone ran over and helped her pick up her things, and walked the rest of the way home with her. They started talking and the person asked if they could hang out again sometime. She no longer felt alone, and didn’t go through with her plan. Whether or not this story is true, I don’t know. What I did learn from this story, is that a simple action can make a person feel that someone cares.

We all know what it’s like to feel forgotten. To feel pushed to the side and left there. It’s natural and common. The worst is being in a room full of people and feeling so alone. I hate that anyone in the world ever feels this way, and do my best to make sure the people around me know I care.

I have a lot of friends, family and acquaintances. It is absolutely impossible to keep up with all of them. But I care about each and every one of them, and want nothing but the best for each of them. I have been both blessed and cursed with caring for every person I come into contact with… I naturally look for the good in all people, and give the benefit of the doubt to those who have hurt me. Does this get me hurt more? Sure does. But I do believe that behind hurtful words and actions is someone who wants to be loved.

Once in a while, I send out a mass text message wishing my friends and family a good day. Yesterday, I felt something telling me to send one out, so I did. It said, “Hey! I hope something in your day makes you smile — have a great day! <3” I got replies from a lot of people, most simply saying, “Thanks, you too!” But I got a few that said things like, “Thanks, I really needed that, I’ve had a tough week.” and “You just made my day brighter.” I believe that a simple text can help someone’s day, knowing someone thought of them. I do care about my friends and want them to know it, even if it’s telling them all at the same time, with the same message.

Let me tell you about one of the replies I got yesterday. It said, “Thanks, that did it. Please pray for me.” I said, “Done.” I always have time to pray for a friend. I had no idea what he needed prayers for, but I prayed that God would help him in whatever he is struggling to get through. Half an hour later, I got a text back from him thanking me for the prayers, telling me that he is trying to turn his life around and get back to a faith walk with Jesus.

I’ve known this friend for a very long time. I’ve seen him on a very straight and narrow faith walk, I’ve seen him walking the “faith fence,” and I’ve seen him walking very far off the path. We don’t talk much anymore, but even now, I care about him as much as I did when we saw each other daily. When I read his text about what God did for him right after I prayed, I started to tear up. I am so proud of him for wanting to get back to the straight and narrow… I’ve personally seen how he is capable of sharing his faith and using his talents to bring people to know Christ. I offered my help and encouragement when he needs it, because it’s going to be a long and bumpy ride, and he needs that support from as many people as possible, so he sticks with it.

Will I continue to send out my mass texts? Definitely. I had no idea that a mass “have a good day” text would lead to prayer and a friend asking for help to get back on the right track again. Why don’t you try sending out a text, letting your friends know you care and are there for them? You never know how it may help, or what God might be doing through you.

And, if you are one of my friends, know that I am here to support and help you through any struggle. Friends truly are friends forever.




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