100 Things

December 29th, 2011

A somewhat regular question in my life is, “Tell me something I don’t know about you.” Well guess what? I can come up with 100. This isn’t going to be easy, but I can do it! Here we go…

1. I have never been to IKEA.

2. I love green. Anything green.

3. I remember names, faces and birthdays of people I haven’t talked to in 15 years.

4. I do not feel old enough to have a 6 year old.

5. I have had an idea for a novel in my head for over a decade. It has yet to make it to paper. But now I have most of it outlined. I am proud of that.

6. I teach Sunday School, and I love it.

7. If I was a school teacher, I would teach middle school. I never thought I’d want to, but there’s something about the mind of a middle school kid that fascinates me.

8. Speaking of fascinations, I am fascinated by true crimes. I could watch documentaries on serial killers, kidnappings and murders every day. I don’t think that makes me a bad person. It’s the psychology of it.

9. My aunt used to sit on me and tickle me until I peed my pants. I am still terrified of being tickled.

10. I have a cross hanging in my kitchen that my grandma made. She passed away years ago, and that is the last thing she gave me. It will be in my kitchen until the day I die. Love you, grandma.

11. I like every genre of music. True talent is true talent, no matter the genre.

12. I am driven by my emotions.

13. I’ve honestly forgotten and have to concentrate when I have to spell munkies the “correct” way.

14. I love feet pajamas. Correction: LOVED. I don’t have any right now.

15. I love fire. I used to sit out in the tree grove and watch our garbage burn. It’s amazing that fire can turn a plastic bottle into bubbly goo.

16. I have OCD when playing Plants vs. Zombies. Each column needs to have the same kind of plants. If it doesn’t, I get frustrated.

17. I have OCD in pretty much every area of my life.

18. I believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.

19. I pray that everyone I know does, too.

20. I am giggly. Very, very giggly.

21. I cry easily at emotional moments on TV. That is the single reason I have never seen The Notebook.

22. I am one of the most social shy people on the face of this planet. Yes, I am shy.

23. My son knows and will remember his great great grandmother. Grandma turned 105 in November, and she’s one of the most wonderful people to have ever walked this earth.

24. I like to think about people who lived a long time ago … I wonder what kind of people they were, what their ideas were, and what they wanted out of life.

25. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am incredibly interested in the human mind.

26. The mere thought of eating water chestnuts makes me cringe. They are worse than beets.

27. I think beets taste like tires.

28. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

29. I don’t mind doing laundry. It’s the folding that I despise.

30. If, when I am writing, I don’t like my handwriting, I will start over.

31. It is so easy to make me laugh.

32. I look for the slightest bit of good in everyone.

33. I love museums, of every kind. I saw a Titanic exhibit. I could have looked through that all day.

34. There isn’t a single person I haven’t forgiven. There’s a difference between “forgiving” and “forgiving and forgetting.”

35. I am on a constant road to bettering myself.

36. I call myself “Southern Canadian,” because I sound more Canadian than American.

37. Australia amazes me. The accent, the kangaroos… I want to live there just so I can pick up the accent and stand “upside down.”

38. I dislike yellow post-its.

39. At work, I print my calendar on bright paper, to help boost my mood each day.

40. I am a people person.

41. I love food, and love trying new food.

42. I fear a lot of things. I am working on getting over them.

43. I hate writing the letter F.

44. I have lived in 25 different houses.

45. Because of the movie, “IT,” which I haven’t seen in years, I am afraid of and will walk around street gutters.

46. I still wish on falling stars…

47. I believe in goals and dreams.

48. I will never know what I want to be when I grow up.

49. I don’t like Twilight for one simple reasons: Real vampires don’t sparkle.

50. I have neither read nor seen anything Harry Potter. I’m told I’m missing out.

51. I tried to watch Lord of the Rings. I failed. SQUIRREL!

52. What comes out of my mouth often sounded much more hilarious in my head.

53. I have a pair of shoes that I’ve worn for years. I doubt I will ever get rid of them. They are so comfy.

54. I used to wear a necklace made out of safety pins.

55. There was a time when I cut things out of magazines and hung things like Natalie’s straw on my wall.

56. I always look at a person’s eyes before anything else.

57. I hate snow. Hate cold. I live in the wrong part of the country.

58. I dislike ordinary, common names.

59. I was pulled out of gym class in second grade because I had a heart murmur.

60. I once got into a fight with my best friend over a quarter machine ring that we found in the grocery store bathroom.

61. I have always wanted to go to Antarctica just so I can cuddle with a polar bear. Yes, I realize there are no polar bears in Antarctica. I was 5 when I made this one of my goals.

62. I have always wanted to own a coffee shop.

63. My hair is longer right now than it’s ever been.

64. I never spend my change. There are probably hundreds of dollars in change in my couch cushions.

65. I have never fired a gun. That will change. Especially if you try to rob my couch cushions.

66. I never paid attention in history class. Now, I watch documentaries for fun.

67. Most often, I read young adult books.

68. I rolled my car when I was 17. I was not injured. I believe there were angels in the car with me.

69. I love to climb trees, and I love sitting in trees. It’s the getting down part that scares me.

70. I don’t have a million pairs of shoes.

71. I dislike December. It’s the month of the zombies.

72. I’ve been debating going back to school to be a dietician.

73. While playing truth or dare when I was 15, my friend made me a drink with everything she could find in her fridge. She made me take 3 drinks of it. I still remember what it tasted like. *gag*

74. I know names of celebrities and I know faces of celebrities. I cannot put them together to save my life.

75. I get excited over the smallest things.

76. I love road trips. I think nothing of driving 3 hours and back in one day.

77. I have never seen the Atlantic ocean.

78. I love movies that are for kids. Sometimes I am more excited than my son to see a kids’ movie.

79. I trust too easily.

80. I look like I am much younger than I am. Every year, I like this a little more.

81. It’s hard for me to drink water without ice.

82. I tend to give an extended back story just to say one thing. I’m sure it gets irritating.

83. I used to be a germaphobe. I used to refuse to touch door handles. I’ve gotten better, but I still dislike touching public ones.

84. I could eat salsa and guacamole every day.

85. I used to have a party every Friday night. A sober party. There were always between 10 and 30 high school kids in my basement. I miss that.

86. I have never done an illegal drug. Nor will I ever.

87. My dad is a pastor. I know I am a writer because I mentally edit his sermons as he speaks.

88. I am a giver. No, not THE giver. AAAA giver. Props to those who “got” that.

89. Go to Youtube. Search Yakko’s World. Watch it. I used to be able to say all of that.

90. I can do the McDonald’s rap.

91. I have an awesome long term memory. But I can’t tell you what I ate yesterday.

92. I have never been to Las Vegas.

93. I’ve done mission work, and loved it.

94. I hate writing in pencil. Always have.

95. I am creative.

96. I love doing crossword puzzles. In pen.

97. Hoodies. Best. Clothing. Item. Ever.

98. Whenever someone I love has a problem, my mind immediately jumps to, “how can I fix this?”

99. I have an unnatural love for walnuts.

100. I have no tail, therefore I cannot really be a munkie. “If it doesn’t have a tail, it’s not a munkie, it’s an ape!” … Apes are ugly. And “Ape Babble” just doesn’t sound like much fun.

There you have it… 100 things about me. Did you learn anything?


One Response to “100 Things”

  1. Colin on December 29, 2011 7:43 pm

    I got you started on youtube. I told you to look up Yakko’s World. The rest is history.

    A comedian sang that song at Fat Daddy’s one night. He got to “United States, Canada…” before I interrupted with “I love Animaniacs!” Part of my ongoing struggle with musical Touretes.

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