Morning Encounters

June 3rd, 2013

MunkieAfter going to a gas station where they had water in their tanks, my car is being looked at this morning… Just to make sure nothing is wrong with it. It runs fine, but the gas station is paying for repairs and whatnot, so I may as well make sure everything is okay.

Which brings me to where I am right now. I was at work an hour and a half early this morning, and not having had breakfast, I decided it would maybe be a good idea to find something.

Problem number 1: NOTHING close to here is open at 7am. As I wrote that, I thought of one place that might have been… but I would have hated getting there to find a locked door.

Problem number 2: … I’m wearing heels. Walk… 12 blocks each way… in heels. Yes, I am that crazy. Or hungry. Or both.

As I started my journey, I was greeted by a white splatter on the sidewalk right in front of me. Hello, birdie. Good thing I didn’t start this walk any earlier, I thought.

Next, I saw a man letting his dog inside, while a robin and a blue jay played on his roof. My next thought was, I love blue jays. They’re so pretty. I wonder if I will hear a chickadee. I didn’t.

I dislike wearing heels in general, and to me, walking in them is just awkward. Not if it’s from my car to my desk chair, but walking a distance… it becomes awkward. I was surprised that my feet didn’t ache by block 4.

A squirrel stood on the sidewalk, staring at me… seemingly waiting for me to reach it. I was about 6 sidewalk squares away when it hopped off to the left a bit… then up a tree with a squirrel friend. Evil things, I muttered.

I started to hear the morning commute traffic, and was getting toward a main street. I saw birds fly over my head. How fantastic. This was block 8. My feet started to groan at me.

My next encounter was a strange one. I saw a man, carrying a plastic bag, maybe coming from where I was going. If he has a home, he doesn’t have much… He moved over and put his head down as I walked by. I felt an awkward sense of almost hurt… Why wouldn’t he look at me? Why did he put his head down? Why did this hurt me?

The only conclusion I can come to… We, as a society, have made people with little to nothing, feel as if they are worth less than we are… That in itself, says “worthless.” I try my best not to make people out to be worth less than I am, in my own mind, no matter who they are, or what their social “status” happens to be.

But, it opened my eyes to another thing. It made me realize how much I actually have. I was headed to a store to buy things, because I had the time, I thought it would be fun, and I had the money readily available to do so. To sum it up, because I felt like it. Whereas, if this man was coming from my destination, it was a privilege. I should probably view my life as such… so many things are taken for granted.

I spent the next 4 blocks pondering this man’s face, his attitude toward me, and why it might be.

Then… there was the guy at the counter. A woman came in, and greeted him by name. His name was Ryan. He was nice, but I could tell that this wasn’t his dream job, by any means. I hope he gets to do whatever he dreams of doing, one day. I thanked him, and told myself to keep my pace on my way back to work, to keep from stopping to rest.

I didn’t see much action in the first 4 blocks of my trek back to work. Just a lot of cars in a hurry to get their drivers to work on time. I looked up… there was a big hill in my future. Oh no, that hill didn’t seem that steep going down it. Walking that hill in heels was not something I recommend trying. Wow.

However, on my way up that hill, I saw a bunny play hide-and-seek with me… moving around the tree to avoid being seen by me. I saw you, Mr. Bunny… and you are adorable. Right after my short game of hide-and-seek, I saw a squirrel thief, with what looked like a large piece of corn cob, in his mouth. He ran away from me, as if I was going to take the cob from him. You’re the cutest evil creature I’ve ever seen, I thought.

I was nearing a stoplight, with a long line of cars waiting for their turn to start moving again. I could hear loud music coming from one of the cars. I knew the song, and smiled at the man in his early twenties, who was also enjoying the music. What a nice way to start this morning, I thought. I kept going.

I could see in the distance, a man, walking his dogs. By this time, my feet were starting to scream. This was block 9 of my journey back to work. I had expected this… but was distracted by the little white dog, who kept looking back at me. He expected me to catch him and pet him, I think. He was funny. His owner said hello, and I smiled with a, “Good morning!,” even with my feet starting to burn.

My feet are still burning, 45 minutes after my journey. I could have avoided this pain. I knew it would happen. But with all the lovely things I encountered this morning, it’s totally worth it. My feet will get over it…

And I just might do it again sometime. But next time, I’ll bring better shoes. What a lovely morning!

Take care. ❤




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