Step Away from the Facebook…

February 10th, 2015

1423609100540My day generally begins with me waking up at 5:30am. However, I don’t find my way out of bed until 6:30am, simply because I am busy scrolling through my Facebook feed. I [need] to know what happened while I was asleep. I read Facebook in the morning like one would read a newspaper. I usually roll over, shut off the alarm, and start to read what’s going on in the lives of my friends and family. Then I check in again while I wait for my bagel, coffee, or whatever else may cause me to have a moment to do nothing on my way to work. While I wait, I look at Facebook. I might miss something that someone did, has an opinion about, saw, or found online. (Some of those videos are so far beyond adorable!)

Last night, I decided this behavior needs to come to a screeching halt, for several reasons.

I add people on Facebook because I’ve crossed paths with them in my life. I care about every person with whom I interact – even in the slightest. I add everyone… well, almost everyone. I find people interesting. I believe in making a difference in the lives of those around me, and I am determined to do that on Facebook, even if I haven’t seen you in 25 years. (For some of you, that number is a reality.) I love my Facebook friends like I love anyone I see face-to-face in my daily life. I do my best (and often fail) to show them love, share in their joys, support them through rough patches, and show grace when they’re posting things that just don’t belong on Facebook. (That’s the hardest one of all.)

I’ve been telling people (and myself) that I don’t have time for… well, a lot of things. The truth is, I’d have a lot more time for whatever they are asking about, if I eased up on my distractions. I could use that hour in the early morning to get ready for my day… to plan the week ahead… to get bills paid… write a card to send to a friend who has been on my mind, ORRRR…. to write a blog post, perhaps?

Bigger than even that… reading my Bible… now there’s a big guilt trip to swallow. Yes, I spend one morning a week studying the Bible with a couple of people, one evening every other week studying the Bible with another group… and then there’s lunch Bible studies with yet another group of people twice a month… And written out, that looks like a lot of Bible studying. And I love these studies. I learn so much from about faith in Christ from these people… they inspire me to want to know more. But you know what studying with others doesn’t do? It doesn’t do a whole lot for my personal walk with Him. That’s something that the distractions in life has pulled me from. And that is one of the biggest red flags that has shown me that I need to focus my time in better places.

Facebook isn’t the only culprit of time I have allowed myself to steal from my day. There are so many things on that screen (and in the world) to which I dedicate my time. My day would be simpler in many ways if I’d give it back to myself. I would be more ready to face the day. I’d be more organized for work, more organized at home, less frantic about getting out the door… if only I’d shut off the screen and get my butt out of bed. (And don’t think that 5:30am is the only time I allow myself to be distracted by things.)

As much as I love all of you…  I spend too much time looking into your lives and not enough time on my own. I think that tomorrow morning, I’ll shut off that 5:30 alarm, get myself up, and do something productive. I’ve allowed the small things to become the big things, and the big things to become the smaller things. And that needs to change. (I’m not saying I’ll do this perfectly. I can assure you that I will not.) #stillhuman

I know I’m not the only person who has this issue… It doesn’t have to be a 5:30am Facebook appointment to be a distraction from things that are truly important. Everyone in the world is bombarded by distractions. So now I’ll ask you… Where could you use more focus?


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