Giving Up – To Give To Others

November 15th, 2012

Hi Everyone! It’s that time again… Christmas is coming up fast! We get caught up in the preparation and craziness trying to find the PERFECT gift for our friends and family. We tend to forget all else. But the reality of Christmas is this: It is very expensive. We, as people with more than enough of everything we need, even struggle to make ends meet at this time of the year. But, do we really? I think most of us live with a lot of luxuries that we consider necessities of life. A mocha every morning? Going out for lunch daily? A treat for ourselves when we fill our cars with gas? Do any of these hit home? Even at this time of the year when we are spending extra money on gifts for our loved ones, we continue to fill our “need” for these luxuries – It’s only a few dollars, right? These few dollars add up. We wouldn’t struggle at all if we didn’t add these to our daily lists of things to buy.

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