Childhood of Dreams

June 17th, 2012

Growing up, I had the life of every child’s dreams. I had things in my life that most children didn’t. I had people in my life that most children didn’t. I had a home… that most children didn’t. Everything I had as a child, made me the person I am today. Continue reading »

Turn Your Head Around

January 1st, 2012

Last night as I got in my car and turned it on, a familiar song was on the radio. It was Kris Allen’s “Live Like We’re Dying.” I thought, “How appropriate, for New Year’s Eve.” Some of my favorite lyrics exist in this very song. I started thinking about my life, and what I did and did not accomplish in 2011. The “did not” list was a lot longer than the “did.” Regrets flew through my head at an amazing speed. Continue reading »

100 Things

December 29th, 2011

A somewhat regular question in my life is, “Tell me something I don’t know about you.” Well guess what? I can come up with 100. This isn’t going to be easy, but I can do it! Here we go…

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August 23rd, 2011

Facebook! Evvvvveryone and their mother (literally,) has Facebook. Some choose not to “friend” their parents or relatives… most of the time because they don’t want them to see what they post. My parents are on my Facebook friends list, because I don’t mind if they read what I have to say on Facebook. I try to be as positive on Facebook as I am on this site. My grandma could read my Facebook posts, and I wouldn’t be embarrassed by them.

My opinion on “not friending” parents is this: I understand not wanting parents “too involved” in your life. But if it is only because you would be embarrassed if they did read it, you should probably reconsider what you are posting. I’m not saying “shame on you!” or saying you are a bad person — Just something to think about. Continue reading »

Why is the Munkie on Twitter?

October 2nd, 2010

Everyone who knows me, knows I have Twitter accounts. Yes, multiple. For several different “kinds” of posts. Some have dubbed me, “The Twitter Queen.” Pretty much everything I think goes on Twitter. That’s the point of it, right? Well, with opening my @MunkieBabble account to the public, I have invited nearly 10,000 random people to read all about what I call, “My Life.” I will explain in more detail why I use Twitter. You’ll be surprised. Continue reading »


June 30th, 2010

Why do you use the name “Munkie?” I have been getting this question a lot lately. Many of my Twitter followers have asked. I could tell you that it’s just me being creative and having an obsession with the animal. “THEY’RE SO CUTE!” … They fling poo. Anyway, I figured I would offer a deeper answer. Because there really is one.

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To Justin Bieber Fans:

May 26th, 2010

Justin Bieber: Teen star.

A lot of my followers on one of my Twitter accounts are Justin Bieber fans. What? Are you surprised that I have more than one account? — Have we met? Hi, I am Munkie, I am a Twitter queen. Anyway, I have seen these girls BEG him to notice them, BEG him to follow them. I have seen the same with other teen stars, but Justin Bieber stands out because everyone who has Twitter, has seen him in the trending topics.

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