Prove That God Exists

November 1st, 2010

I am a Christian. People always tell me to prove that God exists. I always answer with, “prove to me that He doesn’t exist.” I posted that on Twitter. Most of the replies said something like, “Neither existence nor lack of such can be proven.” But one person answered in a way that not only shocked me, but honestly set me off a little bit. So much that I wasn’t sure how to reply. This person answered with, “Starving children. Homeless people. War. The economy.” I am sure there were more bad things listed, but I tweet too much to look for the tweet.

I was so unsettled that I looked through the Bible for a Biblical answer to this tweet. I asked someone who went to college to guide students in their faith, a good friend of mine, and searched my own mind to find an answer. A few days later, I was with my dad, who gave me an answer so simple, I felt a little embarrassed that I couldn’t have come up with it myself. Continue reading »